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Re: sharing a bibliography

> > 
> > > I was thinking about using the bibliography 'database' in OpenOffice to
> > > store all my references (and to include short notes such as 'read/not
> > > read', 'contains vital info on XY and Z'). But I need to share said info
> > > across machines, generally Debian but not the same versions of
> > > OpenOffice but preferably something totally portable. Any ideas on how
> > > to do this (I can never find 'how to share between users/machines' type
> > > answers in OOo)?
> > 
> > Not sure I understand your needs, but the best Free bibliography manager right
> > now is jabref (speaking as a graduate student who uses it daily and loves it).  

Sorry for not being clear. I want a place to store my refs, that I can
access (ie both read the refs but also cut'n'paste into Linux/OpenOffice
and Windoze/Word) from several machines (if that means copying the
database about that is okay). also like to be able to save my notes
alongside the author/title/journal etc.

Now looking at Jabref - trying to work out if you can very easily copy
refs into OpenOffice?

Ta, M

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