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[OT] Re: What would I do without partimage?

On Thu, Dec 15, 2005 at 11:20:50AM -0500, Joseph H. Fry wrote:
> I dream of the day that windows will use swap partition instead of a
> swap file.... sure it made sense to have a swap file that could adjust
> on the fly when drives were small... but with most machines having
> 40GB + these days I can afford to dedicate a pretty significant
> portion to a swap partition and not need it to resize itself

In win95 you could specify a fixed filesize for the swap file, and
dedicate a partition to just that file if you so wished. I imagine
things are much the same now.

By contrast, on my work desktop I forgot to create a swap partition
so I use a swap-file, when necessary.

Jon Dowland

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