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Re: Sarge CD Install location problem

Good morning!

I have an old Pentium box, and have two copies of SBM, downloaded at
diferent times.  ONe of them just gives me the message "SBMK"
and gives up.

I've had that happen on some of my boxes, too. Never got around to figuring out what the problem was.

The other will only read my CD drive (which is the second drive on
the second IDE chain if a particular hard drive is *not* present as
the second drive on the first IDE chain.  It has no problems with
that same drive as the first drive on the second IDE chain.

Voodoo stuff!! I award you the antacid award of the month for figuring that out. That must have been a very frustrating experience. Is the "particular hard drive" different from the others, let's say in terms of age or some other factor?


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