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Re: linux on acer 9100...

I would want to be made excuses for my English bad one...
I would want to only know if the pentium m760
can have problems with the kernel of debian the 3.1
as far as the management of the energetic saving..
particular for the technologies Centrino.

2005/12/12, Clive Menzies <clive@clivemenzies.co.uk>:
On (12/12/05 16:32), Tony wrote:
> they could it are to us problems
> of kernel (debian 3.1) compatibility
> whit a notebook acer 9104wlmi?
> To the Acer they do not know to say nothing...

I'm not sure what you're asking but if it helps we've got two Aspires
running Debian (2003WLMi and 1524WLMi); the 2003 is centrino based and
we used the sarge installer without a problem.

What exactly is your problem?



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