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Re: Sarge CD Install location problem

On Mon, Dec 12, 2005 at 09:32:42AM -0700, Hodgins Family wrote:
> Good morning!
> >I have an old Pentium box, and have two copies of SBM, downloaded at
> >diferent times.  ONe of them just gives me the message "SBMK"
> >and gives up.
> I've had that happen on some of my boxes, too. Never got around to figuring 
> out what the problem was.
> >The other will only read my CD drive (which is the second drive on
> >the second IDE chain if a particular hard drive is *not* present as
> >the second drive on the first IDE chain.  It has no problems with
> >that same drive as the first drive on the second IDE chain.
> Voodoo stuff!! I award you the antacid award of the month for figuring that 
> out. That must have been a very frustrating experience. Is the "particular 
> hard drive" different from the others, let's say in terms of age or some 
> other factor?

It is new, 160G, and recognised as only 131G when I fdisked and
formatted it  (some hardware limit in old IDE controller, I presume.)
I was planning to use it for my complete reinstall of Debian after
a successful breakin.  No such luck.  I ended up using it
as a forensic backup instead.  It worked fine as /dev/hdc.

The one that worked as /dev/hdb is old, out of warranty, and
only 80G.

-- hendrik

> Rob 

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