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Sarge CD Install location problem

I have an old pentium box that's a candidate for a sarge install.
It has a hdd and a cd. The bios does not detect the cd, and the 
boot order can only be set to A:/C: or C:/A:.  Hence, it cannot be 
set to boot from the Sarge CD.

I've tried to use debian boot/root floppies to begin the install 
but I can only get as far as the network install/download section. 
I cannot select to install from CD and tell the installer where 
it's located - /dev/hdc - as one could with previous incarnations. 

I have tried to use a boot prompt (hdc=cdrom) to no effect.

Network installation with a slow modem really isn't an option. 
Hence installation from CD.

I know there are exotic alternatives but what's the simple way to 
do this?


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