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Re: Sarge CD Install location problem

On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 05:04:49PM -0700, Hodgins Family wrote:
> Good afternoon!
> >I have an old pentium box that's a candidate for a sarge install.
> >It has a hdd and a cd. The bios does not detect the cd, and the
> >boot order can only be set to A:/C: or C:/A:.  Hence, it cannot be
> >set to boot from the Sarge CD.
> Smart Boot Manager "might" be a solution. Also called sbm. Google for 
> either of these terms and Linux or Debian to learn more.

I have an old Pentium box, and have two copies of SBM, downloaded at
diferent times.  ONe of them just gives me the message "SBMK"
and gives up.
The other will only read my CD drive (which is the second drive on
the second IDE chain if a particular hard drive is *not* present as
the second drive on the first IDE chain.  It has no problems with
that same drive as the first drive on the second IDE chain.

Go figure.  But despite the foibles, it is invaluable if you have
to boot from CD on a machine whose BIOS doesn's support it.

-- hendrik

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