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Re: RAR under linux: any alternative?

Jacob S wrote:
On Sun, 11 Dec 2005 00:00:26 -0300
Gabriel <nqtnn.gabo@gmail.com> wrote:

Steve Kemp wrote:
 apt-cache search rar unrar

 Gives you this in the output:

 unrar-free - Unarchiver for .rar files
 unrar - Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version)
Thank you so much... I had searched with "apt-cache search rar" but
it came up with a lot of packages...
Now I found the package unrar-free, but it won't work unless the rar 
files are from a version <3.0.
I also tried with p7zip... the POSIX version of 7-zip... but it
doesn't support rar files...

If anyone else know about an application that works with rar files
=>3.0 I'll be really pleased.
I give up.
If you noticed, the output from apt-cache that Steve quoted showed two
packages for unpacking .rar files. One was unrar-free, which you tried
and the other was 'unrar'. If you do an "apt-cache show unrar-free" it
will also mention that the non-free version of unrar can unpack .rar
files =>3.0. 

You might want to apt-get install unrar (and rar while you're at it, if
you have any need to pack .rar files) and see if it works better for


this is the output from the apt-cache that Steve quoted:

user@localhost:~$ apt-cache search rar unrar
comix - GTK Comic Book Viewer
unrar-free - Unarchiver for .rar files

No, I don't have non-free repositories... and no, I don't want them.
In fact, one of the things I said was:
Does anyone know a free software alternative to RAR???
Anyway... I don't REALLY need rar... it was just to check if there was one (free software) and if there was, well, I wouldn't say no to apt-get :P

Aight, that's it.

Thanks to everyone.

Gabriel Parrondo

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