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Re: Thanks for aptitude...

Andrew M.A. Cater on 11/12/05 10:13, wrote:
A while ago, aptitude was the recommended tool for the upgrade to
Sarge and that suggests the obvious. That prompted my switch from
apt-get. Recently, I upgraded to a 0.4.x release of aptitude, which
featured a wonderful (albeit imperfect, as some bug reports have
shown) problem solver (for lack of a better name), making a great tool
even better.

Aptitude is good but _doesn't_ necessarily use the same database
as apt/dselect. This can cause problems if you mix tools. Aptitude
is the odd one out here IMHO but no one seems minded to fix this.
Aptitude was only recommended in the above case because it sorted
some instances of particular dependency resolution IIRC.

Do apt/dselect and aptitude share the same database as far as the currently installed modules are concerned, ignoring whether the packages were installed by apt or by aptitude?

I'm currently basing part of my config backup script on the results of

dpkg --get-selection

and because I download pkgs sometimes with apt and sometimes with aptitude, does this mean the dpkg --get-selection may ignore something that I just downloaded with aptitude?


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