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Re: RAR under linux: any alternative?

John Hasler wrote:

Gnu_Raiz writes:
This is one program that I believe is worth buying the license for. This
is especially true if you have any windows machine's around. If you use
Usenet for any amount of time you will find that this program is a must

Interesting.  I've been on Usenet for twenty years and I have not felt any
need for that program.

It's kind of like needing Lame, or Mplayer nowadays, yes it's non free,
but you really do need it.

Mplayer is licensed under the GPL.
and lame is free software as well. it is however illegal to use or distribute it because of Frauenhofer patents. Mplayer is not included in debian because of patent issues as well afaik. it strikes me as odd that xine, a fork of mplayer, is included in debian. I have never felt the need for RAR, although I have a lot of contact with windows users. They all use zip. The only thing that I sometimes have as rar are windows binaries or similiar, which I then open with 7-Zip under windows (as the contents of rar files have never been any use to me outside windows). It strikes me as odd that the posix 7zip doesn't support rar - the windows version does.

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