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Re: RAR under linux: any alternative?

On 22:21, Sat 10 Dec 05, Jacob S wrote:
> On Sun, 11 Dec 2005 00:00:26 -0300
> Gabriel <nqtnn.gabo@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Steve Kemp wrote:
> > >  apt-cache search rar unrar
> > >
> > >  Gives you this in the output:
> > >
> > >  unrar-free - Unarchiver for .rar files
> > >  unrar - Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version)
>      ^^^^^
> > Thank you so much... I had searched with "apt-cache search rar" but
> > it came up with a lot of packages...
> > Now I found the package unrar-free, but it won't work unless the rar 
> > files are from a version <3.0.
> > I also tried with p7zip... the POSIX version of 7-zip... but it
> > doesn't support rar files...
> > 
> > If anyone else know about an application that works with rar files
> > =>3.0 I'll be really pleased.
> > I give up.
> If you noticed, the output from apt-cache that Steve quoted showed two
> packages for unpacking .rar files. One was unrar-free, which you tried
> and the other was 'unrar'. If you do an "apt-cache show unrar-free" it
> will also mention that the non-free version of unrar can unpack .rar
> files =>3.0. 
> You might want to apt-get install unrar (and rar while you're at it, if
> you have any need to pack .rar files) and see if it works better for
> you.
> HTH,
> Jacob

This is one program that I believe is worth buying the license
for. This is especially true if you have any windows
machine's around. If you use Usenet for any amount of time
you will find that this program is a must have.

Try sending a tar file to a window only user, they might of
seen rar or tar. One thing good about WinRAR is it can zip,
a file for all your non rar, tar buddies.

It's kind of like needing Lame, or Mplayer nowadays, yes
it's non free, but you really do need it.


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