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Re: which alsa package do i need to compile mplayer?

On Fri, Dec 09, 2005 at 10:16:41AM +0100, Bruno Boettcher wrote:
> Hello!
> standard mplayer is a bit annoying since it is unable to resize movies,
> if i put them full screen i have a mini video in the center and
> a big black border around it...
> so i am trying to compile a mplayer from sources...
> seems i got most of the stuff i need installed, unfortunately it doesn't
> seem to recognize the alsa part and uses oss...
> even if this works, i would me more satisfied if it used alsa
> directly...
> i thought having installed all alsa*dev packages i found, but that doesn
> do the job, so which are the ones i should install to get alsa compiled
> in?
> thanks!
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> ciao bboett
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> http://inforezo.u-strasbg.fr/~bboett
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Hi Bruno,

this may have changed (i.e my version of mplayer is a bit dated) but
you might want to try setting "-vo sdl" as a command line option.
I have made it into an alias...

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