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Re: Querying packages about installed files

I'm not much further ahead of you, so let me give you one last tip, if you didn't find it out by yourself already: apt-cache searches also by package description. This is one feature i would like to have in aptitude (if it's there i missed it, though i went twice through the docs). The package name is often not very obvious.


Jim Holland wrote:

Hi all

Thanks very much to everyone for the useful feedback.  As a newcomer to
Debian, it is fascinating to see the added functionality that it has, but
not always clear to know where to look to find it.

I was telling someone how impressed I was with the way Debian managed
installing source packages, extracting the files and even patching them
for you, then saying how easy it was to identify and install the necessary
libraries that were required.  He came back a little sardonically, saying
"Well, if it's that good, why didn't it sort out the dependencies
automatically?".  And of course I then found that there was even an option
to do that - with the apt-get build-dep option.


Jim Holland
System Administrator
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