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Re: Slightly OT: Comments, ideas, or suggestions for improving websites

Andy Streich wrote:

Sometimes it's about the "personal requirement for individual recognition," but other times it has more to do with an individual having a vision and trying it out. That's not something we should be pushing back on. Sure it would be nice if all these people found a way to cooperatively produce all the Debian-related material we all wish for -- and that should always be tried. But figuring out how to become part of the relevant group, learning who needs to be influenced, and, frankly, playing the politics that are always part of a group can sap the creative energy from a person with a good idea.

Exactly. I don't understand why some people believe that the sole reason anyone undertakes an idea is for personal gain...sigh But, thats for the politicos to bore each other with.

So, the question is still open. What is "all the Debian-related material we all wish for"? At least in your view? I've received several inputs on this, both on and off this list. Its given us a good direction to start with, but I'd like to be able to define an end goal with all of this.

Obviously, Debian-Administration is quite capably handling the high end and the docs cover all a developer would ever wnt to kow to get started. So, at least from what I see, the holes may be in the new users realm. Then again, I could be totally wrong. It has happened before ;-)

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