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Re: Slightly OT: Comments, ideas, or suggestions for improving websites

Josh King wrote:
Hey all,

Currently I am the lead admin/webmaster of DebCentral.org. I really would like to take a few minutes out of your life to gather some inputs on an idea I have.


I wonder if you or colleagues have taken a good look at what other distros and their users are doing with regard to websites. Perhaps some ideas may come of it? The only other ones I know well are SuSE and Ubuntu. SuSE's online presence is also a little bitty and spread around, largely because of the way the distro evolved before Novell took it over.

My ideal website would be one that combined the material in the really useful http://www.debian-administration.org/ with simpler guides for less experienced users (such as, the basics of aptitude, how to install Nvidia/ATI 3d drivers, or the basics of Debian-specific commands like dpkg-reconfigure or invoke-rc.d) and forums where folks could discuss things, ask questions and point out helpful tips like where good apt sources are. There might also be a news section where Debian-specific items were announced or interviews run (there is no shortage of Debian developers to interview or ask for pieces from).

However, in my experience running a website is a great deal of hard work and many people start to flag after three months or so. Many other people enjoy running their own show and wouldn't want to combine into a bigger one, other than as, perhaps, an item in a web ring.

I guess your questions are pertinent and quite hard to answer, because there is already quite a lot of information out there even if it can be hard to find and is divided between various sites. Good luck, anyway! Many folks talk about doing this but few get off their backsides and make the effort.



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