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Re: Slightly OT: Comments, ideas, or suggestions for improving websites

Mark Crean wrote:

However, in my experience running a website is a great deal of hard work and many people start to flag after three months or so. Many other people enjoy running their own show and wouldn't want to combine into a bigger one, other than as, perhaps, an item in a web ring.

Which is why all these sites exist.
The personal requirement for individual recognition superceding the requirement of the group.
A form of grafitti, really.

I guess your questions are pertinent and quite hard to answer, because there is already quite a lot of information out there even if it can be hard to find and is divided between various sites. Good luck, anyway! Many folks talk about doing this but few get off their backsides and make the effort.

True also.

Have a look around, find /relevant/ sites (including Debian.org), and form a web-ring, or at least link to them all, so as to enforce the power of the whole.

After that, don't write anything and mount it on the site unless it is really worth saying, even if it does mean a wait of three months between articles. Substance will keep you in people's bookmark folders, effluvient goes to /dev/null.

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