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Re: Slightly OT: Comments, ideas, or suggestions for improving websites

On Wednesday 07 December 2005 05:26 pm, Josh King wrote:
> So, the question is still open. What is "all the Debian-related material
> we all wish for"? At least in your view? I've received several inputs on
> this, both on and off this list. Its given us a good direction to start
> with, but I'd like to be able to define an end goal with all of this.
> Obviously, Debian-Administration is quite capably handling the high end
> and the docs cover all a developer would ever wnt to kow to get started.
> So, at least from what I see, the holes may be in the new users realm.

Yep, taking care of common new user problems is a clear hole to fill.

But I expect you to have something in mind as well -- something of your own 
that has motivated you to create a new Debian site.  It's good to poll for 
new ideas, but you need to have your own independent thoughts based on your 
own experience.  Otherwise you are just duplicated existing material.

Anyway, I'd love to see not just docs for new users but configuration software 
that plays an active role in plugging  the holes.  Don't just give me better 
things to read (although that's great), give me a tool that finds and fixes 


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