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Re: Slightly OT: Comments, ideas, or suggestions for improving websites

On Wednesday 07 December 2005 01:26 pm, Katipo wrote:
> Mark Crean wrote:
> > However, in my experience running a website is a great deal of hard
> > work and many people start to flag after three months or so. Many
> > other people enjoy running their own show and wouldn't want to combine
> > into a bigger one, other than as, perhaps, an item in a web ring.
> Which is why all these sites exist.
> The personal requirement for individual recognition superceding the
> requirement of the group.
> A form of grafitti, really.

Sometimes it's about the "personal requirement for individual recognition," 
but other times it has more to do with an individual having a vision and 
trying it out.  That's not something we should be pushing back on.  Sure it 
would be nice if all these people found a way to cooperatively produce all 
the Debian-related material we all wish for -- and that should always be 
tried.  But figuring out how to become part of the relevant group, learning 
who needs to be influenced, and, frankly, playing the politics that are 
always part of a group can sap the creative energy from a person with a good 

My hope is that many people will create good stuff that's useful to a wide 
audience and /then/ find ways to hook it efficiently into all the other good 
stuff out there, if that happens to be the way they are most productive.


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