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Re: Slightly OT: Comments, ideas, or suggestions for improving websites

On Wed, 7 Dec 2005, Andy Streich wrote:

> Sometimes it's about the "personal requirement for individual recognition," 
> but other times it has more to do with an individual having a vision and 
> trying it out.  That's not something we should be pushing back on.  Sure it 
> would be nice if all these people found a way to cooperatively produce all 
> the Debian-related material we all wish for -- and that should always be 
> tried.

sometimes people see voids in other well established sites and prefer
to fix the problem ..
	- fix their stuff... or start your own to fix it the "right way"


another example of forking/splintering of distro's ..
	- too many "debian" distro's ..
	- it'd be lot better, a bigger/better super-distro if all
	the efforts/fixes/energy is in the "mothership" .. but ...

> But figuring out how to become part of the relevant group, learning 
> who needs to be influenced, and, frankly, playing the politics that are 
> always part of a group can sap the creative energy from a person with a good 
> idea.

bingo .. one can't please everybody ...

c ya

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