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Re: Filesharing on small LAN

> On Tue, Nov 29, 2005 at 10:19:46AM -0000, marc wrote:
> > I have a share that is 3Tb. More practically, though, when a client
> > works here, connects to the network and presents a share, he would be
> > mightily peeved for all of its data to spread itself across the local
> > universe. In fact, it would present a whole bunch of legal problems, I
> > suspect.
> Oh, hogwash.  Automatic discovery does not decrease security, it only
> increases convenience.

Eh? I didn't say anything of the sort :-P Automatic discover is not the 
same as automatic copying of data :-P again.

And since we're in all-seeing, omnipotent mode: what leads you to 
believe that you know what data issues I might have on my network?


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