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Re: Filesharing on small LAN

Am Montag, 28. November 2005 22:22 schrieb Lars:
> Hey
> I'm running a small LAN and is a bit lost  in the question regarding a
> simple filesharing on a small LAN...
> NFS: I don't get it. If anyone plugs into the lan and have a
> root-account they are on the share.
> SMB: Works sometimes with linux, but often time-out with
> xsmbrowser/gnome and etc. It always works flawless with WinClients, but
> that's it.
> I hate to said it/use this expression, but i'm looking for a simple MS
> peer-to-peer/small AD, just in Linux. I properly missed something...

I've seen this question coming up before, and I'm interested in this as well. 
It really seems to me that the solutions you mentioned are the only "mature" 
ways for linux-to-linux filesharing. 

I also know of the lufs utilities, which can mount a remote filesystem via ssh 
or ftp. In my experience ssh works well, but lufs is described as 
experimental quality in the readme, so obviously one should not rely on it. 

Are there really no other reliable solutions? I hope I missed something too...


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