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Re: Filesharing on small LAN

> On Mon, Nov 28, 2005 at 11:19:04PM +0100, Guido Heumann wrote:
> > I've seen this question coming up before, and I'm interested in this  
> > as well.  It really seems to me that the solutions you mentioned are  
> > the only "mature" ways for linux-to-linux filesharing.                
> >
> > I also know of the lufs utilities, which can mount a remote           
> > filesystem via ssh or ftp. In my experience ssh works well, but lufs  
> > is described as experimental quality in the readme, so obviously one  
> > should not rely on it.                                                
> >
> > Are there really no other reliable solutions? I hope I missed
> > something too...
> Coda is at least mature enough for the MIT university network and
> the stock Linux kernel, if that means anything.  Personally, I would
> recommend 'unison' as a way to avoid filesystem sharing altogether.
> (Unison requires a mirrored copy of the shared data on every client, and
> just keeps them all in sync).

I have a share that is 3Tb. More practically, though, when a client 
works here, connects to the network and presents a share, he would be 
mightily peeved for all of its data to spread itself across the local 
universe. In fact, it would present a whole bunch of legal problems, I 


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