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Re: Request to remove Information

Antonio Rodriguez wrote:
> No much difference between science and religion, same crap. Thus I
> decline the offer.

    Actually, there is one major difference.

    Religion is based on the notion that they know everything and anything
which doesn't fit into their worldview is wrong.  One must accept
contridictions and inaccuracies on "faith".  Reason and logic are shunned and
never to be used.  Religion is rigid, unyielding and incapable of admitting
they are wrong.

    Science, on the other hand, starts from the basis that we know nothing and
attempts to identify how things work and explain those workings.  Science not
only allows dissenting opinions, it *ENCOURAGES THEM*.  When one viewpoint is
proven wrong it is discarded.  If something better comes along and stands the
test of logic and reason within the community, it is accepted in place of
whatever came before it.  Science is fluid and every changing but in a matter
which promotes logic and reason.  In short, Science is perfectly capable of
admitting it is wrong and modifying itself to evidence and facts of the world
around it.

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