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Re: sytem running out of free disk space

On Tuesday 15 November 2005 2:10 pm, Realos wrote:
> > Robert Brockway wanted us to know:
> >
> >On Tue, 15 Nov 2005, Realos wrote:
> >Consider using deborphan to locate packages without dependencies (it does
> >more than just libraries).  This is a great way to get a handle on useless
> >packages you may have installed in the past.
> well deborphan shows only three packages:
> bkrb5-17-heimdal
> libc5
> libgnutls10
> Will see if there deinstallation make any significat improvement in
> termns of free disk space.
> > Mitch Wiedemann wanted us to know:
> >Is adding another disk out of the question?
> Well, my first thought is to try to keep the system running. Like to
> have it in operation without rebooting. If everything fails, I will
> _finally_ consider adding new hard disk.
> >Have you removed all packages that you do not use via apt?
> How do I find packages with locales/unnecessary documentation?
> Regards,

It's a server, so your not running X locally right?  Maybe you can remove 
it?... du /var/log  and see if your logs seem excessively large, perhaps your 
logging too much and keeping it too long?  Finally, you could move some of 
your data to another machine and mount it back into the server filesystem 
with NFS.  I use this technique with a webserver I'm running on a very small 
drive, the static data is mounted via NFS on a file server and the database 
is on yet another server... all the web server does is cache and host the 

Just a few ideas, good luck


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