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Re: spam blacklist pop3 solution

Wayne Topa on 13/11/05 18:44, wrote:
Adam Hardy(adam.ant@cyberspaceroad.com) is reported to have said:

I googled for this extensively and come up with nothing - I'm looking for a hard-core spam blacklist to remove the spam from my POP3 mailbox before I download it.

I'm using a PDA alot and the primitive software on it doesn't include any filtering, nor does my provider who runs the mailserver offer anything.

I heard that there is company offering some subscription service where they run a database of spam mail originating IP addresses, maintained on a continual basis by customers using (grit your teeth) an Outlook extension to submit new spam for blacklisting at any time.

This is automated so that customers who frequently correctly identify spam gain a ranking - customers with really high rankings can cause a new spammer to be filtered out within seconds.

Anyone heard of it, or an urban myth?

After finding nothing on google, I think I might be wrong about it being a pop3 mailbox cleaner. Perhaps it's Outlook-only.

apt-cache show mailfilter

Removes spam at the server so you don't have to download it.  Uses
Allow, Deny, Scoring regex rules to mark spam for deletion.

There is also a new spinoff called murx which allows more options in the
'spam' filtering.  A debian package is available <murx.sourceforge.net>.

Unfortunately the only blacklisting that murx does is to allow you to build up your own blacklist - I want to use or connect to a public or commercial blacklist database, such as the possibly mythical one I have heard of (see above).


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