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Re: spam blacklist pop3 solution

On (13/11/05 19:15), Adam Hardy wrote:
> >Adam Hardy(adam.ant@cyberspaceroad.com) is reported to have said:
> >
> >>I googled for this extensively and come up with nothing - I'm looking 
> >>for a hard-core spam blacklist to remove the spam from my POP3 mailbox 
> >>before I download it.
> >>
> >>I'm using a PDA alot and the primitive software on it doesn't include 
> >>any filtering, nor does my provider who runs the mailserver offer 
> >>anything.
> >>
> >>I heard that there is company offering some subscription service where 
> >>they run a database of spam mail originating IP addresses, maintained on 
> >>a continual basis by customers using (grit your teeth) an Outlook 
> >>extension to submit new spam for blacklisting at any time.
> >>
My experience of ISP controlled spam filtering is not great; you are
probably better off setting up a local solution.

> >>This is automated so that customers who frequently correctly identify 
> >>spam gain a ranking - customers with really high rankings can cause a 
> >>new spammer to be filtered out within seconds.
> >>
> >>Anyone heard of it, or an urban myth?
> >>
> >>After finding nothing on google, I think I might be wrong about it being 
> >>a pop3 mailbox cleaner. Perhaps it's Outlook-only.
> Unfortunately the only blacklisting that murx does is to allow you to 
> build up your own blacklist - I want to use or connect to a public or 
> commercial blacklist database, such as the possibly mythical one I have 
> heard of (see above).

Spamassassin, sa-exim and clamav (if you want virus checking as well)
work well together.  I wrote some notes on setting up a mail server
which collects pop3 mail froma number of ISP's.  The mail filtering
would apply to a desktop situation.




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