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Re: spam blacklist pop3 solution

On Sun, 2005-11-13 at 19:15 +0000, Adam Hardy wrote:

> Unfortunately the only blacklisting that murx does is to allow you to 
> build up your own blacklist - I want to use or connect to a public or 
> commercial blacklist database, such as the possibly mythical one I have 
> heard of (see above).

Would this work:

Set up your own MTA; receiving from the universe and sending via the

Get the ISP to forward your mail (or use fetchmail if the ISP
can't/won't) so your email will come to your MTA as if it were coming
from the Internet. At this point, you have at least some control over

Use the spamhaus RBL(s) on the MTA for the DNS filter you're looking
for. Then use bogofilter, spamassassin, crm114, and anything else you
can think of to try to get rid of the rest.


Glenn English

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