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Re: A few general questions from a Debian newbie

Bruce Hohl wrote:
>>>OpenOffice 2.0 is an important piece of
>>>software...added OpenOffice.org 2, to their
> updates 
>>>repository shortly after it's release...it likely 
>>>will drive choice of distribution/version
>>To my main point:  I'm a desktop user, not a
>>programmer, and I had no problem installing the 
>>"oh-so-special" OpenOffice 2.0 on my Sarge-running 
>>computer.  So, my question is, what is all this fuss
>>about?  Installing OpenOffice 2.0 on Sarge is a
>>breeze.  Stop whining about nothing.
> What is so special about OpenOffice?  Let me speak
> from my point of view as a manager at a business and
> advocate of open source software ...
> OpenOffice is free, multi-platform, has a large user
> base, and is of good quality.  Thus, I had it

This applies to the version in Sarge.

> installed on about 10 PCs for regular business where I
> work.  All the other PCs have MS Office installed.  I
> would not have done this with any of the other MS
> Office alternatives.
> What is so special about OO 2.0.  It has improved
> filters for MS Office file formats (a defacto
> standard).  And, OO 2.0 now includes a data base
> component which I intend to start learning immediately
> (after install) for business use.

The filters are so improved that they crash when you import a Word
document with an embedded picture.

Version 1 has perfectly adequate support for linking to databases.  How
do you expect that OO2 will make any practical difference to your
business or are you just learning a component because it's there?

> YES, I can spend my time figuring out how to install
> OO 2.0 on Sarge (and probably will) but I would rather
> "apt-get" and spend my time creating OpenOffice
> documents, spreadsheets and databases that impress my
> associates.   

In the time that you spent composing that post, you could have searched
the list archives and learnt how to install it.  I doubt you could have
created any impressive documents in that time.

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