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Re: A few general questions from a Debian newbie

OpenOffice 2.0 is an important piece of software...added OpenOffice.org 2, to their updates repository shortly after it's release...it likely will drive choice of distribution/version

I'm pretty tired of reading about OpenOffice 2.0. I still prefer WordPerfect 6.1, to be honest, and it was released years ago. What is it with Linux word processors that they can't have a grammar check? Heck, WordPerfect 6.1 was released ages ago with one. But I digress. To my main point: I'm a desktop user, not a programmer, and I had no problem installing the "oh-so-special" OpenOffice 2.0 on my Sarge-running computer. So, my question is, what is all this fuss about? Installing OpenOffice 2.0 on Sarge is a breeze. Stop whining about nothing.

And now back to my first digression: I realize that Abiword's latest has a grammar check (coincidentally, I also had no problem installing the latest Abiword on Sarge, which means anyone could install it, the newest of the new, on Sarge). However, it fell far short of WordPerfect 6.1's Grammatik (released just as mankind was picking up sticks and learning to beat the Monolith, I believe). Likewise, Diction, a Unix tool, has been around forever; so, why do Linux word processors not have something that Windows word processors have had since mankind first realized the significance of having an opposable digit?

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