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Re: A few general questions from a Debian newbie

> > OpenOffice 2.0 is an important piece of
> > software...added OpenOffice.org 2, to their
> > repository shortly after it's release...it likely 
> > will drive choice of distribution/version
> To my main point:  I'm a desktop user, not a
> programmer, and I had no problem installing the 
> "oh-so-special" OpenOffice 2.0 on my Sarge-running 
> computer.  So, my question is, what is all this fuss

> about?  Installing OpenOffice 2.0 on Sarge is a
> breeze.  Stop whining about nothing.

What is so special about OpenOffice?  Let me speak
from my point of view as a manager at a business and
advocate of open source software ...

OpenOffice is free, multi-platform, has a large user
base, and is of good quality.  Thus, I had it
installed on about 10 PCs for regular business where I
work.  All the other PCs have MS Office installed.  I
would not have done this with any of the other MS
Office alternatives.

What is so special about OO 2.0.  It has improved
filters for MS Office file formats (a defacto
standard).  And, OO 2.0 now includes a data base
component which I intend to start learning immediately
(after install) for business use.

YES, I can spend my time figuring out how to install
OO 2.0 on Sarge (and probably will) but I would rather
"apt-get" and spend my time creating OpenOffice
documents, spreadsheets and databases that impress my

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