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Re: Mounting an iPod via USB

Brian Nelson said:
> "Josh Battles" <josh.lists@omg-stfu.com> writes:
>> Why?  What are the advantages of upgrading to 2.6 for my scenario?  This
>> machine has been running for quite some time and does everything else I
>> need
>> just fine.  Would upgrading to 2.6 help my unmounting issues?
> Yeah.  I don't think 2.4 kernels support most/all ipods with USB.  Even
> the earlier 2.6 kernels were quite flaky.  It took until around 2.6.10
> for it to get fairly stable.

I hadn't really wanted to upgrade to 2.6 on this machine yet but I may give
it a go.  You think 2.6.10 would be a good place to start?

- Josh

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