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Re: WiFi Problems (It doesn't work properly)

David R. Litwin wrote:

> Ahh! Stupid Internet deleted my E-Mail! Now, I have to do it again.
> Please, I really need this fixed: It's friving me mad.
>> ppp0? Must be pppoe. That's a bit of a clue. Too bad I don't know
>> anything about pppoe. Surely you configured it yourself, though, at some
>> point.
> Yes, I do use pppoeconf to connect to the internet when using a wire. I
> assume you are talking about the wired connection now, yes?

Yes, but I don't see how you need pppoe on the wired connection and not the
>> nameserver <> <>
>> > nameserver <> <>
>> > search no-domain-set.bellcanada
>> So your wired connection is _not_ using the wireless router's DNS.
> I shasll be honest: I would not know. 

No, I'm telling you. :-)  
>> > cat /var/lib/dhcp*/*.leases
>> ...
>> None of those look good - nothing like the wired session. In fact, not
>> even
>> a lease for the wired session.
> Again, if you believe that there are significant differences, how do I fix
> them?

The thing is, I don't believe you need to... 

>> > I started to use dhclient ath0. It seems to work, I don't know what
>> > else I
>> > can do, so I do that.
>> Seems to work? You mean you get an internet connection?
> Certainly I have an internet connection, which "works".

Then what's your problem?  All along you've been telling us you couldn't
access the Internet.  If you can, it's a simple matter of automating the
method you're using.  In this case, probably just uncommenting the wlan0
lines in /etc/network/interfaces and changing wlan0 to ath0.
> Here is my theory. I think that the problem is in the search
> no-domain-set.bellcanada being on top when connecting with the wireless.

No, it has nothing to do with anything.  All the search domain does (I
already explained this) is add ".no-domain-set.bellcanada" to the end of
any DNS query your system makes to an unqualified domain (e.g., "foo" as
opposed to "foo.bar").  Which means that, in all the cases you showed, it
does nothing useful (queries to unqualified domains would time out in half
the time, though, if you didn't have it at all).

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