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Re: WiFi Problems (It doesn't work properly)

Rusty Carruth wrote:

Sorry, I'm late to the party.  Hopefully I won't be too stupid...

Yeah, and I'm tired and its late, so I forgot step 0!  Sorry, here it is,
along with the rest so its a complete story:


-1 - if 'netstat' shows a (wireless) device with a valid IP address, you theoretically have
   neworking up.
0 - ping that Ip address, if it answers then indeed the hardware drivers are acting
   like they think your networking is working.

1 - if 'ping' to a numeric IP address within your local wireless network works, then you've gotten connected to the local net fine, but you need to make
   sure DNS works:
2 - if 'ping' to a non-numeric IP address within your local wireless network subnet
   works, then you've got DNS working. Now
3 - if 'ping' to a NON-local IP address (by name OR by number, having established
   that DNS works) works, then you're 99% of the way home.
4 - NOW that we have established that IP networking is working right, THEN try
   your applications.

if '-1' fails, your networking isn't, you need to make the hardware work AND get
all that nifty wireless infrastructure stuff going.  (essid, all that)

if 0 fails, you are in a similar boat, just farther down the stream :-)

if 1 fails, then you may have route problems, or you may not actually be connected
to the (wireless) network.

if 2 fails (but 1 works) then you need a DNS server - check /etc/resolv.conf (or wherever
it is these days).

if 3 fails (but 1 and 2 works) then you almost certainly have a routing issue - you need a default route to the gateway. USUALLY you get this (and DNS server, by the way)
from your DHCP server.


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