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Re: WiFi Problems (It doesn't work properly)

David R. Litwin wrote:

> I have but the "central computer" (the one to which the router is
> connected) and the laptop.

OK, and your directly connected computer is working?  Is it running Linux or
Windows?  If it's working, we know that DHCP is working properly on the DSL
router, and it's correct that it should appear as the DNS IP.

> <> is the "Router IP Address". This is from
> the advanced page from http://mynetwork, some thing the Bell installation
> C. D. created.

OK, so that's the _internal_ address of the router.  

> an Ethernet Cable directly to the Router / Modem. This worked with
> normalcy (id est, every thing was coming in at the normal speed).
> Before we try anything else tell us:
>> A) Make & Model of your DSL modem
> Siemens SpeedStream 6525 Router / Modem. This is not some thing one can
> buy; it came as a gift from Sympatico.

You're not kidding.  Siemens seems to have closed it's whole home networking
line.  Are you sure of that model number?  Are you sure it's wireless? 
(Sorry, but one has to ask!)  

Plug the system you're having trouble with into the router with an ethernet
cable, make sure you have a connection.  Then do:

cat /etc/resolv.conf
cat /var/lib/dhcp*/*.leases 

(for dhclient3 it's actually /var/lib/dhcp3/dhclient.leases, but it depends
which client you're using - that should get most of them).

Then try to connect wirelessly and do the same.  Compare the results.  They
should be exactly the same except for the metric & iface columns in the
"route" output, the actual IP issued in the lease, and the interface the
lease is for.

If you don't get an IP at all wirelessly, then try: "dhclient ath0" (or
whatever the wireless iface is) and report back.

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