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Re: WiFi Problems (It doesn't work properly)

Ahh! Stupid Internet deleted my E-Mail! Now, I have to do it again. Please, I really need this fixed: It's friving me mad.

ppp0?  Must be pppoe.  That's a bit of a clue.  Too bad I don't know
anything about pppoe.  Surely you configured it yourself, though, at some

Yes, I do use pppoeconf to connect to the internet when using a wire. I assume you are talking about the wired connection now, yes?

> nameserver <>
> nameserver <>
> search no-domain-set.bellcanada

So your wired connection is _not_ using the wireless router's DNS. 

I shasll be honest: I would not know. If you believe this to be true (and it makes sense to me, I supose), then that is that, yes?

> cat /var/lib/dhcp*/*.leases

None of those look good - nothing like the wired session.  In fact, not even
a lease for the wired session.

Again, if you believe that there are significant differences, how do I fix them?

> Compare the results. They
>> should be exactly the same except for the metric & iface columns in the
>> "route" output, the actual IP issued in the lease, and the interface the
>> lease is for.
>> If you don't get an IP at all wirelessly, then try: "dhclient ath0" (or
>> whatever the wireless iface is) and report back.
> I started to use dhclient ath0. It seems to work, I don't know what else I
> can do, so I do that.

Seems to work?  You mean you get an internet connection?

Certainly I have an internet connection, which "works".

Here is my theory. I think that the problem is in the search no-domain-set.bellcanada being on top when connecting with the wireless. Note that when with the wire, it is a number. Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps that needs to be on top. I also believe that that DNS (if indeed it is one) is not real. So, how do I fix that, if this is the case?

Thank you kindly, as always.

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