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Re: Moved to sarge: Great, but no sound!

On Tue, Oct 04, 2005 at 08:50:59PM +0300, klkl lklk wrote:
> Hi all,
> i've recently moved from my beloved woody to sarge:Sarge IS GGGGGREAT!
> When i was using woody,my sound driver was called ens-1371 (
> Well, i was quite happy that ssarge had autodetected and loaded the correct
> alsa driver with kernel 2.6
> (On bootup it says:
> Loaded ens-1371 successfully)
> Here comes my issue:
> In GNOME,KDE,X AND console there's no error about sound, just no sound.
> I changed all the file permissions in /dev/snd to be readable and writable
> to anyone. But there's no sound! Ex. When I use the
> GNOME volume adjuster, it resets to 0 alone after i've pulled it up!
>  Please Help!
> Thank you in advance!

I found a few things that helped get sound working.

(1) run alsa-config, assuming you're using also, of course.
    Sometime I had to rerun it every time I rebooted.
(2) If you are running alsa, make sure you do *not* have any OSS drivers
    around.  They can be blacklisted, or not installed, or whatever.
    Alsa's OSS emulator is OK, though.
(3) When I upgraded to etch, the problems came back until I installed
    udev, discover, and hotplug.  These jountly seemed to recognise all
    my hardware correctly and set up /dev.  You probably don't need
    hotplug for sound, though (it recognised USB things).  I mention
    it because I installed it at the same time, and you never know --
    there might have been some arcane interaction.

-- hendrik

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