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Re: IDE controller card recommendation

Roberto C. Sanchez said:
> Quoting Josh Battles <josh.lists@omg-stfu.com>:
>> Roberto C. Sanchez said:
>>> I would like to use inexpensive cards (~$15-$30) since I will be setting
>>> up
>>> software RAID and this is an older server with older drives.  I have
>>> experience
>>> with certain Promise cards under Linux (and I am not happy with that
>>> experience).    Personally, I am just looking to find out what cards
>>> people
>>> are
>>> using and how happy/unhappy they are with said cards.
>> I've got 2 of these cards in my server at home.  They've been working great
>> for about 6 months now.
>> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16815124001
> Excellent, I was planning on buying from newegg, so thanks for the specific
> product reference.  What driver does it use?  Are you also using the onboard
> IDE controllers in conjunction?  How many total drives are connected to all
> your controllers?
> -Roberto

Well, I'm not actually running them in a RAID array....

I used the cards as regular IDE drive controller cards.  I got my grubby
little hands on a box of 40GB harddrives for free so I kept 10 of them for
myself and donated the rest to some friends. I used 2 drives with the
on-board IDE controller to host the OS (Sarge) and the created a ~320GB
spanned drive using LVM on the other 8 drives.

Of the 2 drives on the onboard IDE controller, one of them has everything on
it except the /home partition.  I chose to put /home on the second 40GB drive
so that if I wanted to reinstall for any reason I would have a safe haven to
store my data.

Granted this probably isn't an ideal setup but it was inexpensive and has
been very reliable for the past 6 months.  I've had no hardware related
issues whatsoever.

- Josh

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