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Re: Moved to sarge: Great, but no sound!

Hendrik Boom wrote:

On Tue, Oct 04, 2005 at 08:50:59PM +0300, klkl lklk wrote:
Hi all,
i've recently moved from my beloved woody to sarge:Sarge IS GGGGGREAT!
When i was using woody,my sound driver was called ens-1371 (
Well, i was quite happy that ssarge had autodetected and loaded the correct
alsa driver with kernel 2.6
(On bootup it says:
Loaded ens-1371 successfully)
Here comes my issue:
In GNOME,KDE,X AND console there's no error about sound, just no sound.
I changed all the file permissions in /dev/snd to be readable and writable
to anyone. But there's no sound! Ex. When I use the
GNOME volume adjuster, it resets to 0 alone after i've pulled it up!
Please Help!
Thank you in advance!

I found a few things that helped get sound working.

(1) run alsa-config, assuming you're using also, of course.
   Sometime I had to rerun it every time I rebooted.
(2) If you are running alsa, make sure you do *not* have any OSS drivers
   around.  They can be blacklisted, or not installed, or whatever.
   Alsa's OSS emulator is OK, though.
(3) When I upgraded to etch, the problems came back until I installed
   udev, discover, and hotplug.  These jountly seemed to recognise all
   my hardware correctly and set up /dev.  You probably don't need
   hotplug for sound, though (it recognised USB things).  I mention
   it because I installed it at the same time, and you never know --
   there might have been some arcane interaction.

-- hendrik

I just got sound working on my desktop. I first installed the following packages:

1) alsa-base
2) alsa-oss
3) alsa-utils

I didn't install any alsa-modules as I am running 2.6.12 kernel.

After I installed these packages i ran the command "alsaconf"; I first thought the command is "alsa-config", however, that didn't work, "alsaconf" did.

Now my only problem is that (same as above) I have to rerun alsaconf everytime I reboot. Any solutions to how this can be fixed would be grand.

Above it was mentioned to install "discover". When attempting to do so apt wants to remove "discover1". What is the difference between "discover" and "discover1"?


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