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Moved to sarge: Great, but no sound!

Hi all,
i've recently moved from my beloved woody to sarge:Sarge IS GGGGGREAT!
When i was using woody,my sound driver was called ens-1371 (
Well, i was quite happy that ssarge had autodetected and loaded the correct alsa driver with kernel 2.6
(On bootup it says:
Loaded ens-1371 successfully)
Here comes my issue:
In GNOME,KDE,X AND console there's no error about sound, just no sound.
I changed all the file permissions in /dev/snd to be readable and writable to anyone. But there's no sound! Ex. When I use the
GNOME volume adjuster, it resets to 0 alone after i've pulled it up!
Please Help!
Thank you in advance!

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