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Re: What can I do with six new publicly available computers?

valentin_nils@be-known-online.com wrote:

>If I am correct than you have been using mainly Windows until now and find
>Linux pretty cool and was thinking now about setting up this "community
>project". First of all, thats a nice idea. Now lets walk through this in
>slow motion, shall we ?
The situation is like this. I migrated to Linux half a year ago becouse
I was fed up with all the windows crap and now I'm a happy private user
of Debian. But I have roots in DOS era so it is not the first time I'm
facing command line.
I lived in China for a year and during this time few friends of mine
managed to setup a multimedia centre. We already had the place and they
managed to get enough money from EU to buy a decent equipment. My job
was being a webmaster.
When I came back home I found out that the only computer expert from
this group left and there is nobody capable of taking care of technical
aspects of the project. So I had to jump in as a computer "expert".
I have done come googling and the result was the ideas that I unfolded
in my first mail. I know enough about Linux to admit, that I have no
idea what would be the best way of doing things and thats why I started
this thread. It is really hart to find a right solution if you know
almost nothing.
What I need is some guidelines on what to do, so I don't get lost
already in the begining. How to do it I can probably find by myself.

>First decide (more specifically) what services each machine should REALLY
>offer. Dont try to do all in one go.
You are right. Lets start from the beginning.
The first thing I would like to do is to enable users to fully use the
computers we have. Most of users will still just use them to browse the
internet and they will have no special privileges. But there are some
people who might use them for something more. For this people I would
like to setup a user account where they could do whatever they want. I
know that some of you will be terified by this idea, but the place I
live in is small and we will personaly know most of the people who will
have this kind of user account.

>1) Do you really need a cluster ?
Most likely not. I will leave this part for someday in the future.

>I believe what you want is a setup similar to this one.
>- Machine A: Fileserver
>- Machine B: Web Proxy + Remote desktop server
>Other machines (4 left): (Clients)
>Version a) The Clients have the Applications installed locally
>Version b) The Clients Connect by Remote Desktop sharing to Machine B
As far as I know this is exactly the thing I need for now.
I think I will go for version A, becouse computers are new and powerfull
enough to run their own applications. I will have more work in
administering them, but more problems I will have the more I will learn.
Do I need Machine B to be a Web Proxy? All the computers are already
connected to internet through a router.

>BTW: Where in Slovenia is it going to be ?
The center & computers are already running in Tolmin. If you are a
paraglider you might know where it is :-)

Thanks for suggestions and some down-to-earth advice.

Mitja Podreka

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