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What can I do with six new publicly available computers?


I would like to ask for some advice. I just need some basic guidelines as I'm quite new to Linux and never took care of more than one computer. I will then google around for details or ask in a separate thread. Some link would be greatly appreciated. I'm taking care of six new computers running Linux in a (also new) multimedia centre. All of them are publicly available and anyone can use them. Now users can just surf the web, but I want to offer them more. If someone needs to write texts and do other things, I would like set-up a user account for him, so he can do (almost) all he wants.
Now the questions:
1. I was thinking to take one computer, make a file server (maybe also web-server) out of it and replace it with an old one running as thin client. Is there some other way of making a users /home/user directory available regardless of which computer he is using? 2. In the centre we do a lot of video editing using Premiere on window$. I know some Linux video editing software but the problem is that just one computer is powerful enough to do the job. If I make cluster out of few computers then the thing would be strong enough. The thing I'm not sure is: can I use a normal software or it should be specially made for clusters? 3. If I make cluster out of all six computers I would get some kind of mini-supercomputer. Question: can computers work in a cluster and at the same time one of them is used for surfing the web and another one is used for video editing, thus in need of more resources? 4. If someone has some other idea on how to use this six computer I would realy like to hear it. In the centre we are trying to promote Linux and other Open Source software and make resources we have as useful to the people as possible.


Mitja Podreka

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