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Re: embedding fonts

On Tue, Sep 20, 2005 at 01:39:48AM -0700, Aaron Maxwell wrote:
> Hi, I'm running testing.  I am having trouble with creating PDFs with 
> embedded fonts.  (I'm generating them from LyX and LaTeX sources.)  The 
> process worked before an apt-upgrade I did a week ago.
> I'm still investigating; I think it's an issue with ghostscript, or 
> perhaps dvips or ps2pdf.  In the meantime, has anyone else had this 
> problem?  If so please post about it - the extra data points will help.  
> Thanks.
> PS:  When I start the LyX editor, I get the following error messages.  
> Clues!  Based on them, can anyone suggest what may be good for me to 
> look at?  
> | jashenki% lyx ia-lulu-print.lyx
> | xset:  bad font path element (#70), possible causes are:
> |     Directory does not exist or has wrong permissions
> |     Directory missing fonts.dir
> |     Incorrect font server address or syntax
> | Unable to add font path.

This error message might in fact be related to the problem of fonts
not being embedded...

Upon startup, lyx is trying to issue an "xset fp+ FONTPATH" command to
make sure the X server can access the TeX fonts (Type1 versions).
As xset is complaining, apparently something is wrong with that
FONTPATH, e.g. invalid path specification, doesn't exist, doesn't
contain 'fonts.dir', whatever... (IIRC, TeX's Type1 fonts should be in
/usr/share/texmf/fonts/type1/public/*/*.pfb -- not sure though).

I suspect that those are the same fonts which are supposed to be
embedded in the PS/PDF output (via ghostscript), so it's probably a
good idea to check whether they're installed properly.
BTW, are you getting any errors from ghostscript?

You could run "lyx -dbg font ..." to get more verbose debugging info
on font handling.  Among other things this should print something like
"Adding FONTPATH to the font path".  Then commence your bug chase by
trying to figure out what's wrong with FONTPATH ;)

In case you're using the Qt frontend with Xft2 and fontconfig (to
check, look for libfontconfig.so in the output of running 'ldd' on the
lyx binary), things are somewhat different.  I believe you need to have
some other package installed (latex-xft-fonts ?), though I'm not sure
in what way that could be related to your font embedding problem.
I'm afraid any ramblings of mine won't be of much help in that case,
as I haven't fully grokked fontconfig myself, yet :)

Also, I currently don't have lyx installed, so this is all a bit
vague... but good luck anyway,


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