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embedding fonts

Hi, I'm running testing.  I am having trouble with creating PDFs with 
embedded fonts.  (I'm generating them from LyX and LaTeX sources.)  The 
process worked before an apt-upgrade I did a week ago.

I'm still investigating; I think it's an issue with ghostscript, or 
perhaps dvips or ps2pdf.  In the meantime, has anyone else had this 
problem?  If so please post about it - the extra data points will help.  

PS:  When I start the LyX editor, I get the following error messages.  
Clues!  Based on them, can anyone suggest what may be good for me to 
look at?  

| jashenki% lyx ia-lulu-print.lyx
| xset:  bad font path element (#70), possible causes are:
|     Directory does not exist or has wrong permissions
|     Directory missing fonts.dir
|     Incorrect font server address or syntax
| Unable to add font path.

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