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Re: absurdly simple LAN problem - SOLVED?


>1. There is a page in the router set-up which shows attached devices;
>the laptop appears here as, for some reason.

>From what I have gathered you haven't been able to get your laptop
(wireless) to connect to your desktop (Ethernet).  You are connecting
both of these machines to a router which also broadcasts a wireless
I need you to answer a couple of questions for me so we can isolate
the source of this problem that you have been having.
what is the IP address of the laptop right now? <>
what is the IP address of the desktop right now? <>
Can you get into the router and assign a static IP addresses to your
Desktop?  <If you can this will make your networking problem a whole
lot more simple. this usually requires that you know your mac address.
 use the comand <i>ifconfig</i> [eth0] on the desktops terminal to
find that out.  It usually looks something like: "HWaddr

>2. I removed (instead of just stopping) shorewall and also bastille on
>both machines.
This seems wrong to me.  You got rid of firewalls in order to network
your machines?  If that worked for you then you just need to change
your firewall rules so that you LAN IP addresses will pass.  I love
Bastille, but I don't use its firewall.  have you thought of using
<b>iptables</b> instead?  It really doesn't take much to learn how to
make yourself a nice software firewall.

Anthony, please describe, in detail, your network setup.  from what I
have gathered it looks like:

Internet ------->Modem-------->router----------->Desktop
                                        [Wireless signal
                                        from router]


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