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Re: absurdly simple LAN problem - SOLVED?

On 19 Sep 2005, Jared Hall wrote:
> Anthony
> >1. There is a page in the router set-up which shows attached devices;
> >the laptop appears here as, for some reason.
> >From what I have gathered you haven't been able to get your laptop
> (wireless) to connect to your desktop (Ethernet).  You are connecting
> both of these machines to a router which also broadcasts a wireless
> signal.
> I need you to answer a couple of questions for me so we can isolate
> the source of this problem that you have been having.
> what is the IP address of the laptop right now? <>
> what is the IP address of the desktop right now? <>
> Can you get into the router and assign a static IP addresses to your
> Desktop?  <If you can this will make your networking problem a whole
> lot more simple. this usually requires that you know your mac address.
>  use the comand <i>ifconfig</i> [eth0] on the desktops terminal to
> find that out.  It usually looks something like: "HWaddr
> 00:A1:CD:3G:F5:Ca">.

I've added static addresses to be double-safe; things are working
now - ssh is up and running so I'm pretty confident that is not a

> >2. I removed (instead of just stopping) shorewall and also bastille on
> >both machines.
> This seems wrong to me.  You got rid of firewalls in order to network
> your machines?  If that worked for you then you just need to change
> your firewall rules so that you LAN IP addresses will pass.  I love
> Bastille, but I don't use its firewall.  have you thought of using
> <b>iptables</b> instead?  It really doesn't take much to learn how to
> make yourself a nice software firewall.
> Anthony, please describe, in detail, your network setup.  from what I
> have gathered it looks like:
> Internet ------->Modem-------->router----------->Desktop
>                                               |
>                                         [Wireless signal
>                                         from router]
>                                               |
>                                          Laptop
> Jared

Yes, this is the arrangment. I've tried reinstalling shorewall, with the
appropriate files for a local network, but so far it keeps breaking
things. That is, after starting it I can no longer ping to the machine
concerned from the other; stopping shorewall is not sufficient to get
things going and indeed even removing it doesn't help unless I reboot.
Not sure what the problem is here; I've always got on well with
shorewall in the past. It may just require more RTFM

I note your suggestion about iptables but I admit I've avoided getting
directly involved with this in the past! Cowardly, no doubt...


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