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Re: Opinions -- When will Sid be usable again?

On (18/09/05 02:41), William Ballard wrote:
> I started using Woody in Jan 03, and switched to Sid maybe by around
> April, and learned to deal with its unstability and stuck with it until
> Sarge came out.  Now I run Sarge, because I expected Sid to become
> horribly unusable.  Now my question is, when should I start tracking Sid
> again, because Nice New Things are in it?  Obviously this is a silly
> question.  But it's my question.
> Sit tight on Sarge through at least this winter?  Check back next
> Spring?
> It's nice not having to do tons of updates, but I don't to be running
> ancient stuff.

I've been running sid throughout without a problem; use aptitude and
apt-listbugs and it should keep you out of trouble.  I update daily
mostly and tend not to install anything with open bugs reported by

IIRC I've got < 8 packages held back at the moment, most of which have
been held for a few days.



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