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Re: playing midi with timidity


> I had similar a problem with an es1968 card a year or so ago; from memory it
> was to do with aRTs. Try playing a file directly from tiMidity (type "man
> timidity" for how) to see if that works; if it does, check your KDE sound
> server settings to make sure they are consistent with tiMidity's, for
> example, if your are using ALSA for tiMidity output, set aRts to do the same.

Kde sound settings is not configured, and ps aux | grep -i arts does
not give ARTs.

> Oh, and try tiMidity with the -Os (server mode) or -OR (aRts mode) options and
> see what that does.

I ran timidity -iA -Os -A90a as root (not as a user), and now it's working !
Thank for you help, on that.
What I'm trying, is to have Rosegarden4 working, which is ok now,
(except jack lost few samples).
The timidity acting as a server eat 20% of my CPU, is it normal (even
when nothing is playing) ?

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