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Re: Opinions -- When will Sid be usable again?

On Sun, 18 Sep 2005 02:41:37 -0400
William Ballard <nospam_50916@alltel.net> wrote:

> I started using Woody in Jan 03, and switched to Sid maybe by around
> April, and learned to deal with its unstability and stuck with it until
> Sarge came out.  Now I run Sarge, because I expected Sid to become
> horribly unusable.

There is always potential for breakage with Sid. I don't view the risk
now as being significantly different from what it was 6 months ago or
what it will be 6 months from now.

If you are willing to deal with the breakage, find ways to work around
broken packages, limp along until a fixed package comes out, downgrade,
etc... I say go for it.

A lot depends on how critical you feel your machine and your data are.
It's always nice to have System Rescue CD and Knoppix, Damn Small Linux,
or some other distrobution that runs live from a CD handy just in case.

There have been a couple of stretches were I had to hold off on
upgrading a few packages until the situation was right to upgrade
without uninstalling anything I wanted to keep, but I have not had any
big problems. You might want to get current with Etch first before
pulling from Sid.

If you want newer stuff and more stability than Sid provides you can
stick with Etch completely or learn about pinning and use a combination
of packages from Etch and Sid.  

Later, Seeker

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