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Re: playing midi with timidity

Oops, I didn't notice until I hit send that reply to mailing list put
in the personal email address instead of the mailing list address. Sorry
if the email is not desired.

On Sat, 17 Sep 2005 17:42:37 +0100
Pooly <pooly7@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> apparently midi is not supported by the snd-viaxx driver (with the
> VT8233),so I started timidity :
> timidity -iA 
> but when I play a midi file (with Kmid for example),I hear nothing,
> except if I press stop, I hear one or two notes.

It doesn't seem to work out very well to use timidity as the alsa
sequencer with anything that grabs exclusive access to the audio
devices, which artsd does. I had similar results with the jack sound

If Kmid gives you the option try setting it to use alsa instead of

Another option if you just want to play midi files is instead of using
the alsa sequencer mode install timidity-interfaces-extra and use
one of the GUI interfaces it provides. Using the -ig option for example
is the gtk interface.

Also if you want better sound out of it there is a page here:


: with links to some soundfonts and sample configurations for them.
The configurations there provide extra configuration for individual
instruments, if you just specify a soundfont the required information
should be pulled directly from the soundfont which sounds fine to my

My timidity.cfg file looks like this:

#begin timidity.cfg

#specify the location to find  patch sets/soundfonts

dir /usr/share/sounds/sf2

#Patches to load for bank 0

bank 0

soundfont JClive21.sf2 order=0

#end timidity.cfg

The order=0 option indicates the soundfont gets priority over patch
sets if both are being used, so it's not really necessary in my
configuration since I am only using a soundfont.

Later, Seeker

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