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Re: playing midi with timidity

Pooly wrote:

>apparently midi is not supported by the snd-viaxx driver (with the
>VT8233),so I started timidity :
>timidity -iA 
>but when I play a midi file (with Kmid for example),I hear nothing,
>except if I press stop, I hear one or two notes...

Hi Pooly,

I had similar a problem with an es1968 card a year or so ago; from memory it 
was to do with aRTs. Try playing a file directly from tiMidity (type "man 
timidity" for how) to see if that works; if it does, check your KDE sound 
server settings to make sure they are consistent with tiMidity's, for 
example, if your are using ALSA for tiMidity output, set aRts to do the same. 
Or, try setting aRTs auto suspend timeout (in the Control Centre) to 
something short like 1 sec, or just disable aRts; but then I think Kmidi 
won't work.

Oh, and try tiMidity with the -Os (server mode) or -OR (aRts mode) options and 
see what that does.

Good luck


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